Cooked Bean Sample Set (with RMB 250 discount)

Roasted samples

TWD 250.00

– 售罄

Combination packaging


! If you purchase this sample group and confirm that you want to purchase green beans after the cupping test, you will enjoy a discount of 250 yuan!

📌If you are an old customer of Ergos, please contact your responsible business directly and do not place an order again

Combo Pack Contents (20 grams each)

October sample list:

    1. SKU# 175 Guatemala/Piazza Manor/Washed/Geisha
    2. SKU# 174 Guatemala/ Piazza Manor/Washed/Cadurra
    3. SKU# 359 Guatemala / Hacienda Santa Isabel / Washed / Caturra, Catuai
    4. SKU# 209 Ethiopia/ Chelbessai Gedeb G1/Washed
    5. SKU# 220 Ethiopia/Uraga G1 /Washed
    6. SKU# 222 Ethiopia/ Sidamo G2/Washed

⚠️Notes ⚠️

📌The sample pack is used to evaluate the quality of our coffee batches, and its sales are limited to potential green coffee customers; if you do not have the need to buy green coffee, please do not place an order⚠️ (We are a green bean merchant, not a roasted bean industry!)

📌The content of the combination package is not provided for replacement

📌The maximum purchase limit per person is 2 sets. If you have more needs, please write to let us know! If there is no prior notification, our company has the right to cancel the order directly! Please note ⚠️

📌We will bake new samples every two weeks. If the samples of the current period have been sent out, they will be sent out next week. We will do our best to complete the shipment for you within "seven working days". If you have any questions about the shipping time, please feel free to contact us by email. Thank you for your cooperation🙏

📌The baked date of the sample shipped is up to 2 weeks, and returns are not accepted.

📌The samples of cooked beans will be sent out in convenience bags/post office packets at one rate. If you need to specify other shipping companies, please write to let us know.

📌Cupping samples cannot specify the degree of roasting, and the degree of roasting will be determined by our roaster.

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