Cooked bean sample combination (optional combination content)


TWD 150.00

Combination packaging

ERGOS has a lot of coffee options, are you hesitant and don't know which coffee to start with?
Don't worry, we have prepared a small amount of cooked bean sample combination package for you. We will grab 50g of raw beans for you and use the IKAWA hot air blower to roast them. After the oven, each sample contains about 30-40 grams of roasted cooked beans. If there is a large demand for samples, Yang's one-kilo machine will be used to bake them.

This week's selected good beans (30-40 grams each)

👉 471 Capetillo Manor・Pakamala・Sun Treatment

👉 633 Havana Manor・Bourbon・Washed

👉 230 Alchemist-Magic Apple・Kadura, Kaduai・Anaerobic Sun

👉 209 Ethiopian Cabernet G1・Washed

👉 220 Ethiopian Hulaga G1
・Washing treatment

" ※You can also select any item you want to taste in the latest quotation , except for "Einhert Manor Bidding and Non-bidding Batches", no tasting is provided. "

※ Remark:

  1. Shipped samples are not accepted for return/exchange .
  2. Samples of cooked beans will be sent by post office parcel or convenience box at one rate. If you need to designate other shipping companies, please write/inform us.
  3. **Please inform the item you want and the degree of roasting you want (light, medium, dark roast) in the remarks (bottom of the shopping cart page)
  4. If you did not leave a note when you placed the order or you did not send a letter to inform us of the items you want to test, we will directly select the best beans selected this week (or when the items are sold out, the Ergos team will help you Also select items) to go down for you to bake and send.
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