751 Australian manor Finca Australia. Bourbon. Washing method. San Marcos


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Manor Introduction

Founded in 1867, Australian Manor is a family-run manor, now headed by Luz de MacKenny. Mackenny has done a great job in protecting the natural environment. The farm has more than 620 acres of nature reserves, and the manor adopts agricultural farming methods that reduce environmental impact for picking.
Mrs. MacKenny is also a director of Funcafe, the social organization that institutionalizes coffee in Guatemala, and Anacafe, the National Coffee Association.
The Australian estate is currently undergoing inspection for Rainforest Certification.

coffee profile

-manor: Australian Manor Finca Australia
- Production area: San Marcos San Marcos
- Planting altitude: 1524m
-Harvesting time: November to April every year
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Variety: Bourbon
-Harvest year: 2020-2021 Crop
- Moisture content: 10.4%
- Density: 832 g/L
- Flavor description: floral, lemon, apple, with maple syrup in the aftertaste, fruity-like mellowness, and a tea-like ending.

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