649 El Pinal. geisha. Washing method. 2018-2019 Crop in Jalapa


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Manor Introduction

Twenty years ago, no one believed that coffee could grow in this region. Farmer Abel Valladares, an agronomist, believed that the microclimate in the hills of Xalapa was an ideal environment for growing coffee. Pacas planted 42 hectares and flourished and proved others wrong that the land could not grow coffee. Four years after planting Pacas, Abel began to sow Geisha seeds, 2015 After the first harvest in 1999, he did not sell the geisha, but used them for research and investigation. In 2016, Pina Manor produced a total of 9 bags of precious honey-processed geisha. Farmer Abel, accompanied by moonlight, completed the post-processing of these geisha. Therefore, this batch of rare and precious honey-processed geisha is also called "Honey- Moon" honeymoon treatment geisha!
Pina Manor is not only tightly surrounded by the surrounding pine forests, but also guarded by the sacred volcano, so it has a special flavor of coffee. Through education, coffee production and closeness to nature, there is a long-term project to help the social structure, with the aim of giving the local people a better quality of life.
Beginning in 2017, Abel planted new varieties at lower elevations on the estate: Maracaturra and Pacamara.

coffee profile

- Manor: El Pinal
-Manor 's winning records: 2016 COE 4th, 2017 COE 16th, 2018 COE 13th, 2019 COE 9th
-Production area: Jalapa in Jalapa
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Variety: Gesha Gesha
- Planting altitude: 1300m-1700m
- Soil: Volcanic soil
- Annual rainfall: 18000-2000mm
- Relative humidity: 70-80%
- Average temperature: 18-25
- Soil composition: metamorphic rock and clay
- Harvest year: 2018-2019 Crop
- Moisture content: 10.6%
- Density: 809g/L
- Water activity: 0.5959
- Flavor: jasmine aroma, pomelo aroma, sweet peach, candy sweetness.

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