756 Magician Series- Alchemist・Bourbon, Caturra・Anaerobic Sunshine・Guatemala Fahannes


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Production area: Guatemala Manor: Ergos wet mill
Variety: Caturra, Typica Drying method: African trellis sunlight Altitude: 1500
Processing method: double fermentation anaerobic washing/sun drying/honey processing

The Magician range is the result of as many as 75 different batches made by ERGOS in the Farhannes appellation.

We buy ripe coffee cherries from small local farmers who produce high-quality coffee, and then transport them as far as 100 kilometers every day to the cooperative processing plant in Ergos, where we make various experimental treatments. During the processing, we have carried out traditional sun drying, honey processing, and water washing processing, in addition to double and triple processing; we have also tried different fermentation methods, such as: anaerobic or aerobic fermentation, high temperature or low temperature For fermentation, some local fruits were also added to ferment with coffee cherries, and finally the difference between drying with pulp and drying without pulp was tested.

After four months of meticulous finishing in the processing plant, the results were revealed in the cupping lab: we got a rainbow of coffee flavors! First, we sorted them according to the cupping score, and then blended them according to the flavor profile. Except for some micro-batches with higher scores, we did not mix them together, but separated them one by one.

coffee profile

- Product name: Alchemist
-Production area: Fraijanes
- Planting altitude: 1400-1800m
-Average rainfall: 1500-3000mm
- Average annual temperature: 12-26°C
- Soil: Volcanic soil
-Processing method: anaerobic solar treatment ( we charge small farmers fully ripe and slightly underripe/overripe coffee cherries at a higher price to ensure the quality of the purchased green beans, and also to increase the willingness of small farmers to harvest Then select coffee cherries with a sugar content of 20-22, wash them to remove floating beans, put the pulp in a fermentation tank for 5 days, and then dry them on African scaffolding for 25 days. During the drying stage, use shade cloth Cover the coffee so that the temperature does not exceed 35°C .)

- Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra
-Production Season : 2021-22 Crop
- Moisture content: 11.7%
- Density: 830 g/L
- Flavor: Slightly floral, sweet maple syrup, peach, dried pineapple, Kyoho wine, apple, white wine.

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