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Vivienne Coffee

Coming from the Vivienne fruit producing area, driving to Vivienne fruit is exhausting. It's a treacherous path, but it's all worth it for someone looking for an amazingly good cup of coffee. Vivitanango is an extremely high mountain area, but it is blown and nourished by the warm hot wind from the great plains of Tehuantepec, Mexico, so that high-quality coffee can be bred and grown at such a high altitude without being damaged by frost. It was also the birthplace of one of the major kingdoms of the ancient Mayan culture, and the remains of the buildings still remind people of the great history and heritage of the place. Silver, lead, zinc, copper, and gold can all be found in Vivit Nango, but the real treasure is the amazing local coffee.
Coffee has been grown in this area since the 19th century. Since then, the processing process has been continuously modified and improved, refining and improving the overall quality, and gradually bringing the coffee to a near-perfect state. Some of the best coffee estates are located in the valleys between the mountains, where unique micro-climate changes help coffee develop unique flavors. Vivienne coffee has a strong taste and a strong aroma, but the coffee from this production area can also be very diverse.

coffee profile

- Product Name: Selected from Weiwei Tenang Fruit Production Area - Four Seasons - Spring Season Spring
-Producing area: Weiweitnan fruit producing area
-Production Season: 2020-21 Crop
- Planting altitude: 1500m-2000m
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Varieties: Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon
- Annual rainfall: 1200 - 1400mm
- Soil: Limestone
- Shade tree: Inga
- Moisture content: 11.7%
- Density: 848 g/L
- Flavor: creamy, chocolate, mellow taste, good choice for commercial bean products!

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