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Manor introduction

Farhanes is located just 27 kilometers outside of Guatemala City, the most accessible of all Guatemalan coffee-producing regions. The appellation sits on a very unique plateau, part of the Guatemala chain of volcanoes that stretches from Mexico to El Salvador. There is Pacaya Volcano, the most active of Guatemala's three active volcanoes, which often adds rich volcanic ash to cover coffee-growing areas and increase the important mineral content of the soil. Also because of the volcano, Amatitlan Lake was formed, the third largest lake in Guatemala. In the high-altitude natural wilderness, Fahannes is also affected by active volcanic activity and the Atlantic climate, and the weather is completely different in the morning, noon and evening. Compared with other high-altitude coffee-producing regions, the plateau terrain of this region allows coffee to be grown on more than 50% of its land. Such good land conditions are probably why this place was chosen long ago by the Cakchiqueles as their agricultural center and later claimed as the territory of the Kingdom of Spain during the Spanish colonial period. Volcanic pumice soil, high altitude, abundant sunshine and fertile soil, abundant rainfall, variable humidity, and an active volcano have shaped the coffee in this production area to be extremely sweet, with stone fruit aroma and mellow body.

The dry season has strong sunshine. Although there are often clouds, fog and dew in the morning, the water vapor evaporates quickly, making the entire Fahannes Plateau almost dry by the sun. Havana Manor, located in the Fahannes production area, was founded by Don Gregorio Zamora in 1894. The Zamora family is committed to producing the highest quality coffee. After five generations of efforts by the manor family, Havana Manor is now cultivating new There are excellent experience and wisdom in variety technology, planting, harvesting, and micro-batch processing. At the same time, we also do our best to protect the environment, not only preserving the surrounding natural landscape and plants, but also setting up water-saving equipment and subsequent recycling of water for coffee processing.

coffee profile

- Name: Havana Manor Rabanales Farms
-Production area: Fraijanes
- Planting altitude: 1630m
-Processing method: Washing method -Production season: 2019-2020 Crop
- Variety: Tekisic
- Annual rainfall: 2200mm
- Average temperature: 12-16 degrees Celsius - Humidity: 70-90%
- Soil: Volcanic Pumice - Shade Trees: Inga, Grevilea and native trees
- Moisture content: 10.4%
- Density: 874 g/L
- Flavor: caramel, peach and plum, dry almond, cream, raisin, chocolate flavor, high sweetness, syrupy mellowness, clean and long finish.

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