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Anyone in the world who has ever tasted, cupped, and roasted coffee from this unique region will pay the highest respect to the Antigua region. Elegant and remarkable in the glass, it reveals a rich array of notes, from exotic and tropical fruits to intense caramel and chocolate. It's best roasted to a Full or Medium-City level, but it's definitely worth trying a darker roast like Espresso.
The Antigua region is formed by valleys surrounded by three volcanoes: Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. It is said that this is the birthplace of coffee in Guatemala. Since the Jesuit missionaries brought coffee here to plant, it has become the oldest coffee-growing area so far. The climate here is mild all year round and has a stable humidity (65%). Such conditions make it the most suitable place for growing coffee, which makes coffee grow slowly in valleys above 1,500 meters above sea level. Plus, unlike other regions, there are extreme climate changes between dry and rainy seasons. Due to the occasional eruption of the Fuego volcano, the soil in this production area is rich in minerals, and the primeval forest makes the soil rich in potassium ions, allowing coffee to grow healthily. Also because it is a closed valley, the soil is prevented from being seriously eroded. All the unique environment allows Antigua to maintain a stable and excellent quality.
Antigua has the meaning of "old city" (founded by the Spanish regime in 1543), and was once the capital of Guatemala in the 18th century until it was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 1717. For two hundred years, it was the center of domination, covering what is now Central America and parts of southern Mexico, and was bestowed the title of "Very Noble and Very Loyal" by King Philip II of Spain. As a historical trace of a colonial city, it has been declared as a world cultural heritage, and tourists from all over the world yearn to visit it.
Antigua is also a place full of many stories and legends. One of the interesting things: People who come to Antigua can get a good sleep because there is a slight natural sleeping substance in the volcanic ash, which is dispersed in the air through the fresh morning dew every day. There are many reasons why Antigua, a unique region, discovers new coffee every year, and it is definitely a cup of coffee worth sharing with the world.

coffee profile

- Manor: Las Cruces Coffee
- Production area: Antigua Antigua
- Planting altitude: 1500m - 1700m
- Average rainfall: 800-1200mm
- Average annual temperature: 18-22°C
- Soil: Volcanic soil and pumice
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Variety: Bourbon
-Harvest year: 2019-2020 Crop
- Moisture content: 8.9%
- Density: 784 g/L
- Flavor: almond, citrus, berry, chocolate dry aroma, orange, plum, dark chocolate, hazelnut flavor, bright lime acid value, medium finish and body.

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