662 Drum Manor Finca El Tambor・Caduai・Washing Treatment・Guatemala Fahannes


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Manor introduction

The Calderon family has a coffee history of more than 100 years, and Victor Calderon is the owner of the coffee estate in the fifth generation of their family. The Calderon family has been running a coffee plantation on the south coast of Guatemala since 1877 , where Victor was born and raised.

In 2003, Victor encountered a great opportunity for him to buy a piece of land that could grow high-quality coffee, because the location of this estate is superior, with high altitude and adjacent estates planted very good coffee, and finally Victor Taking a very big risk, he sold his house in the city, which was also his only asset, and bought the land.

Victor is really facing a very big risk to buy this land, because before Victor bought this land, it was used to develop limestone in the soil, so there are no trees or biological traces on the entire land , and there is hardly any organic matter in the soil. So Victor took great pains to remediate the land, using available materials to create an organic layer on the soil surface and replanting shade trees and coffee trees.

The reason why the manor is named El Tambor is because there is a dark river flowing under the manor, and the sound of the river flowing is like drumming, so it is named El Tambor, which translates into sound drum manor in Chinese.

In addition to El Tambor, Victor has purchased two other estates on nearby land in recent years: La Pia (named after his mother) and El Mezcal (named after trees found nearby), both of which have also earned good reputations. Like El Tambor, La Pia has also been selected for the Guatemalan Cup of Excellence, with the goal of all three farms winning in the same year.

coffee profile

- Manor: Finca El Tambor, the sound drum manor
-The manor’s winning record: 2010 COE 7th, 2015 COE 17th, 2017 COE 25th
-Production area: Fraijanes
- Planting altitude: 1676-1860m
-Average rainfall: 1300mm
- Average annual temperature: 23°C
- Soil: Loamy Clay
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Variety: Catuai
-Production Season : 2020-21 Crop
- Moisture content: 10.6%
- Density: 847g/L
- Flavor: Floral, sugarcane, mint, walnut, honey, jasmine, with a long finish.

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