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Manor Introduction

Valmar Manor is located in the Cobain region, a perfect production area with steep mountains, verdant rainforest and charming floral fragrance, including unspoiled natural environment and unique microclimate. The contrast between the high-altitude mountains and the high-humidity tropical rainforest makes this place always shrouded in mist formed by the falling of dense clouds. Most of the coffee in the Coban rainforest production area is planted on special rolling hills, which grow harmoniously with the rainforest composed of local natural trees.
In this unique rainforest area, the Valma family has been operating the estate for more than a hundred years, and deeply attaches great importance to the environmental responsibility of sustainable management. They preserve more than half of the native forest, which allows a variety of animals to inhabit. During the production process, the manor also uses the broken coffee residues as organic compost. The excellent quality of coffee is still one of the family's insistence. They take care of every link in the production process, from seed selection to the last step of storage. The coffee is picked by hand and processed in an ecological water wash that can reduce water consumption, and then the water will be recycled.
Under the careful management of Valmar Manor, in addition to properly preserving the integrity of the rainforest ecosystem here, the coffee beans produced by the manor have the classic style of the Cobain production area.
Valmar Manor participated in the Cup Of Excellence competition in 2012, and won the third place.

coffee profile

- Manor: Valmar Farm
-Award winning record: the third place in COE in 2012, and the champion of Coban production area competition for 12 years
-Production area: Keban rainforest production area
- Planting altitude: 1400-1600m
- Processing method: washing (semi-fermentation & secondary soaking) + standing in water to rest
- Variety: 100% Caturra
- Soil: rainforest soil
- Shade tree: Inga
- Annual rainfall: 3000-4000mm
-Harvest year: 2019-2020 Crop
- Moisture content: 9.4%
- Density: 764 g/L
- Water activity: 0.5224
-Flavor : Dry aroma with stone fruit, berry, chocolate, nuts, lime acidity, sugar sweetness, plum, almond, grapefruit, green apple.

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