245 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Fruit Ding Ding Washed G1


TWD 501.00

– 售罄

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coffee profile

- Name of treatment plant: Ding Ding Gotiti
-Origin: Ethiopia Ethiopia
- Production area: Yirgacheffe Yirgacheffe
-Grade: G1
- Variety: native species
- Processing method: Washed

- Planting altitude: 1950m
- Annual rainfall: 1500
- Soil: Clay
-Harvesting month: November to January next year

-Harvest year: 2022-2023 Crop
- Average annual temperature: 15-30°C

- Shade trees: native species
- Moisture content: 10.2%
- Density: 859 g/L
- Flavor: jasmine, citrus, plum green tea

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