242 Anaerobic solarization G1 in Ethiopia


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Manor introduction

Through complex and diverse anaerobic fermentation, it embodies the technological innovation of the contemporary coffee production process. Farmers carefully hand pick the fruit at optimum ripeness to ensure the highest quality flavor presentation. After harvesting, the coffee cherries will be placed in airtight anaerobic tanks, and an extremely detailed anaerobic fermentation will be carried out through their own flavor molecules, and the flavor tonality will be enhanced during the process.

The flavor results brought about by the extension of this extreme fermentation process will never disappoint. Every bite can feel the layers of flavor molecules stacked in the mouth, from the aroma of violets to the sweet and sour taste of ripe pineapple, and the sweetness of grapes fermented like red wine, trying to make you experience this full of flavor. A dynamic flavor journey. At the same time, it also brings out the diversity of Ethiopian coffee flavors this year.

Let's experience the charm of Ethiopia with the anaerobic sun exposure of Sidama Bensa G1! This distinctive coffee tonality has completely subverted the flavor expressed by Ethiopia's long-standing traditional processing techniques. Through this unique taste, you can also taste the profound coffee culture of Ethiopia heritage.

coffee profile

-Treatment Plant Name: Bansha Bensa
-Origin: Ethiopia Ethiopia
- Production area: Sidama
-Grade: G1
- Variety: native species
-Treatment method: Anaerobic Natural
- Planting altitude: 1900-2250m
- Annual rainfall: 1000-2000
- Soil: Clay
-Harvesting month: November to January next year
-Harvest year: 2022-2023 Crop
- Average annual temperature: 15-30°C
- Shade trees: native species

- Moisture content: 9.1%
- Density: 861 g/L
- Flavor: wine, violets, ripe pineapple, intense sweetness

! ! Due to the processing method, the broken rate is relatively high, please place an order carefully, thank you

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