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Manor introduction

The Koke washing plant is located in the coffee production area of ​​Yirgacheffe.

Its altitude, soil conditions, surrounding ecosystems, coffee varieties, and microclimate all contribute to creating its unique flavor profile.

The coffee at the Koke washing station is harvested from small-scale producers who harvest coffee cherries from local mature coffee trees, regardless of the variety, and some are wild coffee trees. And these coffee trees bring many advantages to the coffee flavor due to the shade of the local natural forest, the rich organic soil and the minerals in it.

And every morning, farmers will manually pick the coffee cherries one after another, and at the same time remove the blemishes or overripe berries, and send them to the Koke washing and processing plant in the afternoon.

The first step in the water washing station is to conduct a preliminary screening in the water through the density of the coffee cherries. The foreign objects produced during the picking process will float on the water surface due to their low density, while the ripe berries will sink to the bottom of the tank due to their high density. Then transfer the coffee to the rack for exposure for about 21 days. During these 21 days, it will be moved and rolled every 2 hours. During the process, some immature coffee cherries or foreign objects will be picked out from the rack. In addition to being covered at noon every day to avoid excessive exposure to the sun, the scaffolding is also covered every night to avoid dewdrops dripping in the morning.

When the coffee beans reach a humidity of nearly 11.5%, the initial drying is completed, and then they will be stored on the farm for about a month, and finally moved to Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa) for further cleaning and drying.

This drying method is to avoid the influence of high temperature, to prolong the storage, and to create the unique flavor that stands out in Koke coffee.

coffee profile

- Name of treatment plant: Koke
-Origin: Ethiopia Ethiopia
- Production area: Yirgacheffe Yirgacheffe
-Grade: G1
- Variety: native species
-Processing method: sun-dried Natural
- Planting altitude: 1900-2250m
- Annual rainfall: 1000-2000
- Soil: Clay
-Harvesting month: November to January next year
-Harvest year: 2022-2023 Crop
- Average annual temperature: 15-30°C
-Shade tree: Native species -Drying method: African bed frame -Moisture content: 9.5%
- Density: 843 g/L
- Flavors: Blueberry, Grape, Coconut Sugar, Lychee

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