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Manor Introduction

Guerra Estate is known for its fruity washed lim coffee.

The Guerra Manor covers an area of ​​500 hectares, of which 228 hectares are used for coffee tree planting and production. The rest of the land is occupied by full coffee seedlings. When the time comes, more mature coffee fruits will be produced in the future.

Gera, also known as the land of honey and coffee.
Present-day Gera is a region in western Ethiopia bordered by roughly the same boundaries as the Old Kingdom of the same name that existed here nearly 200 years ago. One of the five ancient Oromo kingdoms in the Gibe region, Gera was once known for its exquisite and high-quality honey. Nowadays, when people mention the golden product of Gera, it is not only honey, but also coffee.

The Gera region is a high-altitude area, some areas even exceed 2000 meters above sea level. In addition, more than half of the land is old-growth forest. Various conditions have created such a suitable environment for growing coffee trees. In fact, there are also many wild coffee trees growing naturally here. Guerra Estate is located on this beautiful 1000 hectare area, most of which are between 1780 and 2100 meters above sea level.

As coffee trees take several years to produce fruit, the estate is currently only able to harvest coffee from 228 hectares (as of 2019). However, in the past few years, Guerra Estate has harvested nearly 500,000 kg of red cherries per year, which is a considerable amount, most of which are washed and only 20% are sun-dried.

Guerra Manor is a family business, in addition to the manor also has other import and export business. The manor was established in 2008. At the beginning, it started to cultivate 100 hectares of land. Year after year, some coffee trees were planted every year. As of 2019, the manor's 500 hectares of land had been full of fruitful young coffee trees. Contrary to most of the coffees produced in Ethiopia, Guerra Manor has cultivated seedlings from the beginning, invested in research and cultivation, and has the spirit of agricultural practice and a good washing and processing plant. It is a very professional manor. To ensure they grow the best coffee, Gera Estates has partnered with the Jimma Institute to select the most suitable varieties for the region.

Before being transported to the Gera washing station, The coffee cherries in Gera Manor are selected by experienced professionals. During the 3 weeks of coffee drying, farmers will continue to turn the coffee beans in order to facilitate the consistency of the drying process, and at the same time hand-select coffee beans of different colors during the process.

When the coffee beans reach a humidity of nearly 11.5%, the initial drying is completed, and then they will be stored on the farm for about a month, and finally moved to Addis Ababa (Addis Ababa) for further cleaning and drying.

In the future, the manor hopes to expand the planting and production area to 500 hectares, and maintain a close and good cooperative relationship with its customers, so as to incorporate more innovative methods in the future, improve the stability of production and quality, and continue to provide better Improve working conditions and improve the living standards of their own employees.

Guerra Manor is well aware of the impact of the forest environment and climate on coffee quality, so while expanding the planting area, they also try their best to preserve at least 500 hectares of natural land to achieve the best state of harmonious coexistence with nature.

Variety 74110

A large part of the manor is the 74110 variety, which was released by the Ethiopian Research Center JARC in 1974. It is said to be selected from the original "mother tree" in the Oromia area. In addition to high yield, it also has good disease resistance. , the overall coffee condition is good.

coffee profile

- Name of treatment plant: Gera
-Origin: Ethiopia Ethiopia
- Production area: Limu Limu
-Grade: G1
- Variety: 74110
-Processing method: sun-dried Natural
- Planting altitude: 2000-2250m
- Annual rainfall: 1500-3000
- Soil: Clay
-Harvesting month: November to February every year
-Harvest year: 2022-2023 Crop
- Average annual temperature: 10-30°C
-Shade tree: Native species -Drying method: African bed frame
- Moisture content: 10.2%
- Density: 850 g/L
- Flavor: full of sweetness, lemon, peach, grape.

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