220 Wulaga G1・Original species・Washed・Guji, Ethiopia


TWD 396.00

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*The defect rate is about 1.9%, which has been reflected in the price , please consider the purchase, no return after placing the order

coffee profile

- Treatment Plant: Uraga G1
-Production area: Guji Zone
- Planting altitude: 1950-2050m
- Soil: fertile volcanic red soil and deep sandy loam
- Ambient humidity: 50-70%
-Harvest time: October to January
- Annual rainfall: 1000-2000ml
- Treatment method: Washing
- Variety: native species
-Grade: G1
- Production Season : 2021-2022 Crop
- Moisture content: 11.2%
- Density: 831 g/L
- Taste: citrus, berry, sweetened with sugar.

*2023/3/2 cup test records: floral fragrance, lemon, peach, Tieguanyin.

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