209 Chelbessai Treatment Plant Chelbessai・Original Species・Washed・Ethiopia Yirgacheffe G1


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- Treatment Plant: Chelbessai Treatment Plant
-Producing area: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia SNNP Region, GEDEO Zone, GOTITI Kebele, GEDEB Woreda
- Planting altitude: 1950-2150m
-Processing method: Washing processing method (use 80% full-ripe cherries and 20% half-ripe cherries, desizing Leave to ferment in water for 96 hours, then place on an African trellis and use a shade net to dry for 15 days)
- Species: native species Heirloom
-Grade: G1
- Production Season : 2021-2022 Crop
- Moisture content: 9.1%
- Density: 851 g/L
- Flavor: peach, lemon, wild ginger flower, smooth taste.

*2023/3/2 cup test record: floral, peach, mint, citrus.

*SCA: 84.25 points

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