199 Small farmers batch San Jose Poaquil. Typica, Bourbon. Washing method. Guatemala Acatenang

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ERGOS Selection - San Jose Poaquil comes from the slopes of the beautiful Acatenango volcano, from which you can have a panoramic view of the lowlands of Guatemala and the Pacific coast. The Acatenango region, which produces one of the highest altitude coffee beans in Guatemala, is rich in volcanic ash due to the proximity of the two volcanoes Fuego and Pacaya.
The Acatenango region has a special microclimate. During the day, under the sunshine of the Pacific Ocean, hot and humid air is brought from the coast; at dawn and night, it receives dry and cold air from the highlands of Guatemala. The large temperature difference between day and night makes the coffee here sweeter.
Beautiful waterfall coffee comes from the long-term cooperation of small farmers, and the coffee is transported to the processing plant for traditional washing method and square sun treatment.

coffee profile

-Product Name: Selected Acatenan Fruit Production Area -Small Farmer Batch San Jose Poaquil
-Producing area: Acatenan fruit producing area
- Planting altitude: m
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Varieties: Typica, Bourbon
- Moisture content: 9.7%
- Density: 830 g/L
- Soil: Volcanic pumice
- Shade trees: Gravilea & Inga
-Harvest time: December to March
-Production Season: 2020-21 Crop
- Flavor description: plum, green tea, a little floral aroma, fresh milk, round taste.

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