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Manor history

The Calderon Pearl Perla Manor is located in the ancient mountains of the province of El Quiché (El Quiché) in central and western Guatemala, and is owned by two José Luis and Amparo Arenas, who are called "quiet guardians" by the locals. Because it is located in the deep mountains, the traffic is quite inconvenient. In terms of traditional means of transportation: it takes up to three days to reach the manor by riding horses and donkeys, trekking through the continuous mountain roads and woods, which directly affects the The transportation of coffee beans after harvest is another way of transportation is to carry coffee beans by light aircraft, but the transportation costs and risks have also been greatly increased, and the farm has even suffered financial losses for 36 years. But all kinds of difficulties did not knock them down. Through their firm religious beliefs, hard working attitude, passion for coffee, and taking care of the lives of employees, José Luis and Amparo Arenas led all the people in the manor to turn this land into a place full of dreams. And the future "Fertile Land of Hope", even won the fourth place in the 2006 Cup of Excellence (COE) competition.
The brand new batches of washed Caturra and Catuai arriving in Hong Kong this year can be said to be delivered to you by the Arenas family with all their efforts! This is a cup of coffee with a clear and well-balanced main flavor. Please taste its unique sandalwood aroma, high-quality lime-like bright acidity, and finally the sweetness that stays on the tip of the tongue and draws a perfect ending to the whole cup of coffee. End rhyme!

coffee profile

-Manor: Finca La Perla
-Award winning record: 2006 Guatemala COE fourth place -Producing area: El Quiche, a micro-producing area in Quiche Province
- Planting altitude: 1200m - 1400m
- Average annual rainfall: 5000mm
- Average annual temperature: 14-31ºC
- Humidity: 60%
- Soil: sandy soil
- Shade trees: Gravilea & Inga
-Harvest time: October to May next year
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Varieties: Bourbon, Caturra
-Harvest year: 2020-2021 Crop
- Moisture content: 10.8%
- Density: 817 g/L
- Flavor description: melon, creamed corn, mild taste, golden sugar, plum flavor.

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