153 Vizcaya Farm, Katimo, Bourbon, Washing Treatment, San Marcos, Guatemala


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Manor introduction

Viscaya Coffee Manor is located in the earliest production area in Guatemala and has been famous for its high-quality coffee for two hundred years. The coffee in the Viscaya Manor grows along the ridge at an altitude of 1300 meters to 1800 meters, the temperature is 21 to 27 degrees, affected by the Pacific sea breeze and humidity, the relative humidity is 70~80%, and the rainfall is 4000 to 4000. 5,000 mm, the highest rainfall among the eight producing regions in Guatemala . Its soil is enriched by the ash supplied by a nearby active volcano, Santiaguito. Due to climatic conditions and unpredictable rainfall, most manors have their own washing factories, and then put the coffee in the yard for half-drying, and then dry it at low temperature.

coffee profile

- Manor: Vizcaya Farm
- Production area: San Marcos San Marcos
- Planting altitude: 1300-1800m
-Average rainfall: 4000-5000mm
- Average annual temperature: 21-27°C
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Varieties: Cattimo, Bourbon
-Production Season : 2020-21 Crop
- Moisture content: 11.6%
- Density: 856g/L
- Flavor: soft and bright acidity, plum, nuts, slightly wheat, fruit tonality, good sweetness, suitable for medium roasting.

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