139 Danby Wuduo Processing Plant・Original Species・Honey Processing・Ethiopia Guji Xiaqisuo G1


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- Treatment Plant: Dambi Udo
-Production area: Guji Shaksio
- Planting altitude: 2026m
- Processing method: honey processing Honey
- Species: native species Heirloom
-Grade: G1
year: 2019-2020 Crop
- Moisture content: 10.2%
- Density: 864 g/L
- Flavor: The dry aroma has aromas of small white flowers, lavender, violets, citric acid, white grapes, and oranges, while the wet aroma has a strong honey aroma. After sipping, the sweetness of honey fills the mouth Medium, honey-scented black tea flavor, is a perfect example of honey processing!

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