green coffee processing

After the coffee trees are carefully cared for by the farmers, another factor that greatly affects the flavor of the coffee is the processing method. The processing methods are simply divided into water washing, sun drying, and honey processing. In recent years, many innovative processing methods have emerged.

Briefly describe the process of treatment:

Harvesting ⇨ Peeling (or not according to the treatment method) ⇨ Grading (by weight, blemish, etc.) ⇨ Fermentation ⇨ Drying ⇨ Hulling (storage)

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Washed Process

It is the most common and most representative classic green bean processing method in Guatemala. No matter in the process of sifting floating beans, removing pulp, fermenting and removing pectin, and drying, we have rich production experience like an encyclopedia, which is absolutely indispensable to maintain high-quality coffee in your hands!
Taste the highest quality: Guatemalan washed coffee beans with bright acidity and clean flavor!

Natural Process

In Central and South America, it is a relatively rare method of green bean processing. Due to the obvious rainy season and microclimate and other factors, Guatemala specialty coffee has been mainly washed by water for 150 years. In recent years, it has also begun to try solar treatment in response to market demand. Law. Referring to the way the seeds were dried in the ancient Mayan civilization, the same wisdom is applied to specialty coffees, producing a rich aroma and multi-layered flavor profile unlike typical washed coffees.

Honey Process

Honey processing is a more difficult technique in coffee production. Since the slimy pulp layer is directly dried, it takes a lot of manpower to fully supervise the process to prevent excessive fermentation or mold. But at the same time, high-quality honey processing technology can significantly enhance the body and sweetness of coffee, and can also reduce acidity and bring out delicate aroma.

Creative Process

ERGO Coffee upholds the spirit of constantly looking for the possibility of Guatemala coffee, and actively cooperates with the farm to try different green bean processing methods, such as half-washed and half-sun-dried, and anaerobic processing (Anaerobic), which has become popular in recent years.
Therefore, the items you can see here are all unique and unique coffees in the market. We sincerely hope that through these coffees, we can pass on our enthusiasm for Guatemalan coffee!

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