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Farm introduction

El Injerto Estate is located in the stunning coffee-producing region of Huehuetenango, with its steep peaks and narrow valleys. It receives warm winds from the adjacent lowland valleys of Mexico, and the hot air warms the mountainside. , allowing coffee to be grown at such high altitudes, which is usually not possible at such northern latitudes. El Injerto farm has quickly become a world legend for its coffee quality. It has won a total of 28 awards in the Cup of Excellence competition, far more than any other manor in the world.

Every year the Aguirre family continues to improve the quality of their estate's production. They pay attention to all the details of the entire process, including coffee cherry floating flow, fermentation, soaking, drying, proper warehousing, and their own drying processing plant.

Introduction to coffee

-Farm: El Injerto
-Awards : COE competition 28 times
- Certification: Rainforest certification, zero carbon emission certification
-Producing area: Huehuetenango
-Planting altitude: 1500-2000m
-Average rainfall: 1200-1400mm
- Average annual temperature: 22-25°C
-Humidity : 70-80%
-Soil : loamy clay
- Harvesting time: February to March every year
- Treatment method: Sun Natural
-Variety : Pacamara
- Harvest year: 2022-23 Crop
-Moisture content: 10.1%
-Density : 834 g/L
- Flavor: small white flowers, passion fruit, black kary fudge .

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