Finca Santa Isabel

Manor introduction

Santa Isabel Manor won the Guatemala COE in 2011, and also won the championship in this year's (2015) Coban Rainforest local competition. The estate is located in the Cobain appellation of San Cristóbal Verapaz and is surrounded by majestic mountains, rainforests and beautiful floral vegetation. The Santa Isabel Manor has been growing coffee since 1875, the same year the President of Guatemala gave the manor to the current owner, the Valdés family .

This estate attaches great importance to the operation of the ecological system of the environment. About 100 hectares are reforested areas, planting pine and cypress and other plants that can help water conservation. In addition, the environment here is rich in species diversity, and the peel of the coffee fruit is also used as a fertilizer for the soil, allowing the species in this area to continue and breed more new life.


2012 Ranked 3rd
Ranked 8th in 2011
Ranked 25th in 2010
2006 Ranked 19th

Champion of Cobain Region Competition for 12 consecutive years

Manor location

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