Rio Dorado Farm

Manor Introduction

Lido Manor is located in a small village called Morales in the province of Mataquescuintla. The average altitude is about 1200 to 2000 meters above sea level, and the highest altitude is as high as 2650 meters above sea level. The average temperature is 7°C to 25°C and the average rainfall is 1,100 to 1,700mm. The total area for coffee plantation in the farm is about 50 hectares, and another 98 hectares are pastures and natural forest reserves. The coffee harvest season starts in December and ends in April.

Lido Manor is owned by José Roberto, and José has another well-known manor "El Morito" in the adjacent area. Both manors have won excellent rankings in Guatemala COE for many times, which can be said to be one of the recent dark horse manors in Guatemala COE.

Lido Manor has its own nursery to control the quality of newly planted seedlings and old crops. The owner of the manor has planted many varieties of coffee trees in the manor, but in order to ensure the quality of coffee, José will give priority to planting which varieties are more suitable for the climate of the region. The current varieties in the estate are: Pacamara, Pache and Bourbón.

In Lido Manor, for the new area where coffee will be planted, they will not eradicate the original trees, but directly plant new plants under the trees, and use them as permanent shade. Even if the coffee planting area in the garden is expanded, it will not harm The natural environment in the manor is mutually beneficial and symbiotic.

The most distinctive feature of Lido Manor is the use of artificial weed control on the farm, land conservation, and protection of natural resources such as water, animals and plants.

COE award record

2019 COE 4th, 2018 COE 5th, 2017 COE 4th
2016 COE 9th, 2015 COE 2ed, 2014 COE 3rd
2013 COE 2ed


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Rainforest Alliance
Nespresso AAA.

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