Finca La Bella

Manor Introduction

Biya Manor is one of the first estates in the Las Minas Mountains to plant high-altitude specialty coffee. After the Guatemala Cup of Excellence (COE) emerged, this emerging micro-producing area began to occupy a place in the Cup of Excellence. Located on the southern slopes of the Las Minas Mountains, the volcanic island chain in the south of Guatemala isolates the moisture from the Pacific Ocean, while the mountains in the north block the moisture from the Atlantic Ocean, making the microclimate here very dry. However, Biya Manor has unique conditions. There is a gurgling mountain spring in the manor, so that the manor has abundant water all year round for irrigation and sophisticated water washing treatment.

After the efforts of four generations of the manor family, Biya Manor now has excellent experience and wisdom in terms of seed selection, planting, harvesting, and processing. At the same time, the manor attaches great importance to environmental protection: using solar-powered drying facilities, recycled water, and earthworm incubation tanks (enhancing soil fertility through natural composting); and is committed to improving the quality of life of manor workers: providing medical assistance, education, living environment and related society Welfare and other services.

COE Award Record

Ranked 13th in 2013
Ranked 5th in 2016

Manor location

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