Finca El Injerto

Manor introduction

Finca El injerto was founded in 1874 by Jesús Aguirre Panamá.

At the beginning, the manor mainly planted crops such as corn, tobacco, beans and sugar cane. It was not until 1990 that coffee began to be planted, and the manor was officially named after a local fruit called " Injerto " was discovered in the area. for " El Injerto ".

The manor is located in the amazing coffee-producing area of ​​Huevetenango, with steep peaks and narrow valleys, receiving warm hot wind from the adjacent Mexican lowland valleys. The hot air warms the mountainside, making coffee Growing at such high altitudes is usually not possible at such northern latitudes. Einhert Manor has quickly become a world legend for its coffee quality. It has won 28 awards in the Cup Of Excellence competition in 18 years, far more than other manors in the world. It is also the only manor in the world that has won the first place in COE 8 times!

Every year the Aguirre family continues to improve the quality of their estate's production. They pay attention to all the details of the whole process, including the floating flow of coffee cherries, fermentation, steeping, drying, proper storage, and their own drying processing plant.

Einhert Estate has always been a pioneer of specialty coffee in Central America. Almost 50 years ago, it was one of the first estates to focus on a single variety and vertically integrate the production of high-quality coffee. The total area of ​​Einhert Manor is 447 hectares, 245 hectares are coffee planting area, most of which are located between 1500 and 2000 meters above sea level, where coffee, fruit, basic food crops and ornamental plants are planted. The remaining hectares are preserved as a millennium virgin forest, which endows the manor with a special temperature and has the right conditions to enjoy clean water directly from the mountain spring. In addition, it constitutes a perfect habitat for wild animals and plants, and it is intended that coffee cultivation is within an ecosystem that protects our natural environment. The forest area surrounds the coffee plantation, the annual rainfall of the estate is about 1800-2000 mm, and the relative humidity is 75%. The soil is deep volcanic, well drained and rich in organic matter. Production, processing and marketing of high quality coffee locally and internationally.

The tenacity, energy, vision and passion of the current management (and of course the coffee) have made El Injerto synonymous with quality, efficiency and sustainability all over the world. Family tradition and commitment to excellence lead El Injerto to constantly seek the best in quality control, production craftsmanship, giving priority to environmental protection and the quality of life of all employees.

COE award record

2021 COE 1th, 2020 COE 23th, 2019 COE 1st & 3rd, 2018 COE 14th & 31th,
2017 COE 2nd & 3rd, 2016 COE 3rd & 7th, 2015 COE 1st & 6th,
2014 COE 2ed & 7th, 2013 COE 1st & 8th, 2012 COE 1st & 5th,
2011 COE 3rd & 5th, 2010 COE 1st & 3rd, 2009 COE 1st & 3rd,
2008 COE 1st, 2007 COE 6th, 2006 COE 1st, 2002 COE 3rd & 11th

Manor location

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