Decaf Series

coffee introduction

We at ERGOS are always striving to find the best quality and unique coffee for our customers,
This year, we started a new collaboration to provide our customers with new items to help them increase sales by targeting customers who are sensitive to caffeine or do not drink caffeinated drinks after a certain period of time Offer decaffeinated coffee.
ERGOS has 2 decaffeinated coffee options that meet our quality expectations; as decaffeinated coffee options, we think they have a unique flavor profile.
We hope that decaffeinated coffee will provide your company with new business and opportunities. We'd love to hear your feedback, please share with us your impressions and customer reviews of these coffees.

Carbon Dioxide Decaffeinated Treatment Process

Step 1: Steaming Put the green coffee beans in a water tank and steam them with steam; this step is done before decafing, in order to make the green beans expand and make it easier for liquid carbon dioxide to permeate.

In the second step the beans are brought into contact with liquid carbon dioxide in a subcritical state. During the extraction process, liquid carbon dioxide continuously draws the caffeine from the beans. Caffeine dissolves in liquid carbon dioxide. Because carbon dioxide is highly selective for caffeine, it hardly dissolves other components in green beans, thus maintaining a very high quality of green beans.

third step
The flow of liquid carbon dioxide then carries the caffeine into a separate tank. In the barrel, the carbon dioxide is converted from a liquid to a gaseous state, so the carbon dioxide loses its affinity for caffeine, leaving the caffeine in the barrel. The purified carbon dioxide is then compressed back into a liquid state and returned to the decaffeinated tank to start a new cycle.

Step 4 Once the caffeine content falls below 0.08% (the maximum allowable level of caffeine for decaffeination is 0.1% according to European regulations), the beans are removed and dried using vacuum and hot air drying methods.

Source: BELCO

*Due to the processing method of this batch, the crushing rate is relatively high. Please refer to the photo of the green beans first. After placing an order, this reason cannot be used as a reason for returning the product. We hereby inform you*

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