Volcanic San Marcos Volcanic San Marcos

The San Marcos region has the highest rainfall and the warmest among the eight regions in Guatemala. Its soil is enriched by the ash supplied by a nearby active volcano, Santiaguito. Seasonal rainfall comes earlier than other areas, so the coffee trees in this area bloom the earliest among the eight areas. Due to the remote location, coupled with climate conditions and unpredictable rainfall, most of the manors in this production area have their own washing factories and treatment plants. Due to the unpredictable rainfall during the harvest season, the coffee will be placed in the yard to dry in the sun, and then dried in the Guardiola machine at low temperature.

- Altitude: 1300~1800 meters
- Annual rainfall: 4000~5000 mm
- Average temperature: 21~27℃
-Relative humidity: 70~80%
-Harvest season: December to March
- Soil: Volcanic
- The main drying method process: sunlight and drying machine
- Shade type: Inga
-Main Terrain: Plateau
- Coffee tonality: light floral aroma, prominent acidity and good body in the flavor


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