Sierra de las Minas

Located in the east of Guatemala, the Las Minas Mountains contain countless treasures of Guatemala. In addition to the natural forest ecosystem and wild animals, there are rich gold mines and jade veins, making the treasures of the Las Minas Mountains famous throughout Central America. In order to protect this mountain forest, the Las Minas Mountains are now planned as Guatemala National Park.

Located on the southern slopes of the Las Minas Mountains, the volcanic island chain in the south of Guatemala isolates the moisture from the Pacific Ocean, while the mountains in the north block the moisture from the Atlantic Ocean, making the microclimate here very dry.

In the early days, the Las Minas Mountains were cold due to their high altitude and latitude, which made the local area unable to grow coffee. However, with the impact of the greenhouse effect, high-altitude specialty coffee plantations are gradually appearing in the Las Minas Mountains.

- Altitude: 1300~1600m
- Annual rainfall: 3000~4000mm
- Average temperature: 20°C
-Main terrain: primeval forest

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