Quiché, Province of Quiche

The province of Quiche in the central and western part of Guatemala is located in the middle of the two traditional producing areas (Vivitanango and Coban Rainforest). In polluted mountains and pure water sources, the flavor often has plump peach and plum fruit tonality and sucrose-like sweetness.

In the ancient mountains of Quiche Province, it is located deep in the mountains, which makes the transportation quite inconvenient. In terms of traditional transportation methods: riding horses and donkeys, trekking through the continuous mountain roads and woods, it takes up to three days to reach the estate. , which also directly affects the external transportation of coffee beans after harvest, so another transportation method is to carry coffee beans by light aircraft, but the transportation cost and risk are also greatly increased

- Altitude: 1300~1700
- Annual rainfall: 3000~4000mm
- Average temperature: 15~20°C
-Main terrain: plateau and rainforest


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