503 Paraiso coffee. Typica, Kadulla, Kaduai. Washing method. Guatemala New Oriental


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New Oriental production area

This unique region, which welcomes the first dawn of the country every day, is the most oriental appellation in Guatemala. New Oriental is one of the seven major coffee producing areas defined by the Guatemala Coffee Association (Anacafe) in 1980. This area of ​​production is defined as the land between Barberena, Jutiapa and Chiquimula.
Most of the coffee in the New Oriental production area comes from small family-owned estates, and they also combine coffee with other basic crops as daily food. These red coffee cherries are purchased by us and processed in our own washing factory, where we carefully control the quality and consistency of "El Paraiso Coffee". The region is rapidly becoming more and more famous among coffee connoisseurs, and their demand for this coffee is increasing year by year. The result of this situation is that every farm on the mountain has transformed to grow coffee, replacing other crops and becoming the main product and source of income. Situated in a formerly volcanic area, the climate of the Orient is cloudy and rainy. The soil here is composed of metamorphic rock with a uniform mixture of many minerals, which is different from other soils in the same volcanic soil producing area.

coffee profile

-Coffee name: Paraiso Coffee SHB EP
-Production area: New Oriente
- Planting altitude: 1300m-1500m
-Average rainfall: 1500-2000mm
- Average annual temperature: 18-30°C
- Soil: Metamorphic rock
- Treatment method: washing treatment method
- Varieties: Typica, Caturra, Catuai
-Harvest year : 2022-2023 Crop
- Moisture content: 11.5%
- Density: 834g/L
- Flavor: citrus, sugar, long finish, hazelnut.
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