Lake Atitlan Lake Atitlan

The Lake Atitlan region is one of the five volcanic coffee regions in Guatemala. Surrounded by volcanoes, the Atitlan (Atitlan) production area gives coffee a more leisurely personality than Huehuetenango (Huehuetenango), but the flavor is not less. Atitlan's soils contain the richest amount of organic matter compared to any other volcanic coffee producing region. 90% of the coffee is planted along extremely steep slopes, extending to Lake Atitlan, the largest and most famous volcanic lake in Guatemala. The beauty of Lake Atitlan has made it a popular destination for many writers and travelers. desired area. At noon and close to the afternoon, there will be a strong wind in the Atitlan production area, which is called xocomil by the locals, which means "the wind that takes away the sin". The wind slides across the icy lake of Lake Atitlan Blowing to the coffee producing area, the microclimate of this area has its own style and characteristics.

- Altitude: 1500~1700 meters
- Annual rainfall: 1800~2300 mm
- Average temperature: 20~23℃
- Relative humidity: 75-85%
-Harvest season: December to March
- Soil: Volcanic
- Main drying method process: sunshine
- Shade types: Gravilea & Inga
-Main terrain: lake, forest
- Coffee tonality: bright aroma, citrus-like acidity and balanced flavor


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