Harappa is located between Fahannes and New Oriental. Twenty years ago, no one believed that coffee could grow in this area. Farmer Abel Valladares (the owner of Pina Manor) is an agronomist. The microclimate conditions on the hills are ideal for growing coffee, and when he planted 42 hectares of the Pacas variety and it grew lushly, it proved other people's theories that the land could not grow coffee. Yes, four years after planting the Pacas variety, Abel started sowing Geisha seeds

In the past, it was always obscured by the halos of the two major production areas of Fahannes and New Oriental. With the rise of local specialty coffee planting and the relatively dry climate, Xalapa has been favored by emerging treatments such as excellent sun exposure and honey processing in recent years. Famous for batches.

- Altitude: 1300~1800
- Annual rainfall: 1800~2000mm
- Average temperature: 18~25°C
- Main Terrain: Volcano


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