Cobán Rainforest

Coban, the name comes from "CobʼAn" in the Q'eqchi language, which means "foggy place". A perfect production area with steep mountains, verdant rainforest and charming floral fragrance, including unspoiled natural environment and unique microclimate. The echo of the high-altitude mountains and the high-humidity tropical rainforest makes this place always surrounded by thick and fine fog formed by the falling of dense clouds.

There are two main seasons in Coban: the rainy season! Rainy season with more rain! ! ! 🌧️🌧️

The annual rainfall here is the second highest of all coffee-producing regions in Guatemala, with the heaviest rains stretching from May to December. Most of the coffee in the Coban rainforest production area is planted on special rolling hills, which grow harmoniously with the rainforest composed of local natural trees. Therefore, the abundant water and humidity make the coffee here have a unique "fresh fruit" and "peach and plum tonality", and has a good body and lively acid value, as well as a delicate and pleasant flavor and aroma.

- Altitude: 1300~1500 meters
- Annual rainfall: 3000~4000mm
- Average temperature: 15~20℃
- Relative humidity: 85-95%
-Harvest season: December to March
- Soil: Limestone and mud clay
- Main drying method process: Dryer
- Shade type: Inga
- Main Terrain: Rainforest
- Coffee tonality: fresh fruit, peach and plum tonality, bright acidity, good body
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