Antigua Classic

The Antigua region is said to be the birthplace of Guatemalan coffee.

Antigua is located in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes (Agua, Fuego, Acatenango), among which Volcan Fuego is an active volcano! Unscheduled eruptions have caused the soil in this production area to be rich in minerals; and there are also a large number of virgin forests in the production area, which makes the soil full of rich potassium ions. The combination of the two makes the Antigua production area Coffee plants have an endless supply of nutrients for healthy growth. The climate here is mild all year round and has a stable humidity (65%). Such conditions make it the most suitable place for growing coffee. In addition, the local area does not have extreme climate changes during the dry season and the rainy season unlike other areas. , so that coffee grows slowly in valleys above 1500 meters above sea level. Because the Antigua production area is a closed valley, the soil is prevented from being severely eroded. All the unique environment allows Antigua to maintain a stable and excellent quality.

- Altitude: 1500~1700 meters
- Annual rainfall: 800~1200mm
- Average temperature: 18~22℃
- Relative humidity: 65%
-Harvest season: January to mid-March
- Soil: Volcanic pumice
- Main drying method process: sunshine
- Shade species: Gravilea
-Main terrain: volcanoes, valleys
- Coffee tonality: elegant and balanced, with a rich aroma and a very sweet taste
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