Capetillo Farm

Capetillo Estate

It has been run by the Asheverria family for several generations, and now Mr. Pedro Echeverria manages the estate.
This estate has a unique geographical location, located in the inner side of the Antigua Valley in Guatemala, between the Acatenango and Agoa volcanic belts. Capetillo is an old estate and was originally a short-term crop like sugar, but since coffee was grown decades ago, the machines that were used to grind the sugar are now being used to remove the coffee cherries The process of peeling and pulping fruit, and so far they have been using water power as the main source of electricity.

This coffee farm is vertically integrated from cultivating coffee seeds to packaging and arranging coffee exports. They have also recently upgraded their equipment and installed the latest generation of sorting machines and electronic picking machines to ensure stable and high-quality coffee. An endless stream of production.
Capetillo Manor is one of the oldest manors in Guatemala (140 years). The coffee garden is next to the volcano, so it enjoys fertile volcanic soil. The manor is certified by the Antigua Coffee Farmers Association. Known for providing high-quality specialty coffee. Rich and tonal flavor like fruit jelly, thick and smooth feeling like cocoa butter, perfume lemon and hazelnut jam finish, balanced sweet and sour, combined with the classic variety Pacamara of elephant beans and Pacas, the flavor is outstanding Rich layers, ERGOS specially recommended items.

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