Bella Vista Farm

Manor Introduction

Vista Beauty Manor is one of the first manors cultivated in the Cobain production area. German immigrants cultivated here, and at the same time brought advanced coffee planting technology to Guatemala. Located in the depths of the cloud-shrouded forest in the Cobain production area, influenced by the climate of the northern Peten rainforest, the drizzle of Cobain never stops. The non-volcanic clay soil gives Cobain a very unique, fruity flavor profile that is different from all other Guatemalan appellations. This coffee is 100% hand-picked in the Vesta Beauty Manor and processed in the washing plant in the manor.

The Cobain region has always been the most rebellious member of the Guatemala flavor family—breaking away from the previous frame of Guatemala coffee with nuts and chocolate tones as the main axis, instead focusing on rich tropical fruit tones. show. In the early days, due to the high humidity and uneven harvest in the Keban production area, it was difficult to enter the hall of fine coffee under the disadvantage. Now, Vista Beauty Manor introduces technology and pays attention to quality, which greatly improves the cleanliness and consistency of coffee flavor. In this year’s batch of Vista Beauty Manor coffee, you can taste the sweet and sour flavor of peaches, plums and candied fruit, and the warm fruity aroma and acid value of melon and fruit types; This batch is especially recommended as an excellent choice for boutique formulations.
flavor of the region.

Manor location


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