【Festival|Holy Week】

2020, April 08

From tomorrow until this Saturday, Guatemala will celebrate Holy Week (Holy week) for three consecutive days, which translates to "carpet festival" in Chinese. Holy Week, also known as Good Friday, commemorates the day of Jesus' crucifixion, and can be said to be the most lively religious festival in the world.

Why is it called "Carpet Festival"?

Holy Week rugs originated in southern Spain, and only the Guatemalans still have this tradition.

Guatemalans will hold very grand religious activities in the old capital "Antigua" in the past few days. In front of their homes, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and dyed sawdust are used to lay carpets in the middle of the road for the saints. Carrying the icon of Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary and the holy sedan chair procession through the stampede.

After the parade passes by, the people will pick up the flowers on the floor and go home on the cloth carpet, which has the concept of bringing blessings home.

A huge holy sedan chair and its base need to be supported by more than 40 believers on their shoulders, and walk through the streets of Antigua, which is a bit similar to the feeling of our Mazu in Taiwan.

If you want to get the opportunity to carry the holy litter, you must donate a little money to the church, but because they say that those who carry the holy litter will be forgiven by God, so even if the litter is heavy and sweaty, they will never tire of it.

For four weeks before Holy Week, there will be small parades every weekend in Antigua, accompanied by simple handmade floral carpets, reminding people that Holy Week is coming.

It also reminds people that it is time to go home and reunite with their families.

If you want to get to know Guatemala, come to this festival!

But this year because of the epidemic,

The government of Guatemala also announced the ban measures ⚠️

Therefore, this year's Holy Week festivals will not be as grand as in previous years.

This year, everyone, please stay at home to protect yourself and others!

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