[Guatemala Coffee - ERGOS Chinese New Year Thanksgiving Offer] Click to receive "Limited Time Offer"! Now until 2/23 deadline!

2018, February 09

Dear customer, hello:

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the entire ERGOS team wishes everyone good luck in the Year of the Dog! Prosperous year big fortune!

In order to thank all the coffee friends who love ERGOS for their support over the past year,
This year, we have specially planned the [ERGOS Chinese New Year Thanksgiving Special] event to give back to everyone!

Activity period: From now until 2/23 (the eighth day of the lunar new year)
(Don't wait any longer ~ the original price will be restored from the ninth day of the lunar new year~!)

Activity method: As long as you place an order during the activity period, you can enjoy the discount!

️☕️ [5KG vacuum box packaging] Those who place an order will enjoy the following special offers ️☕️

Buy a box (5kg) with a discount of NTD 5/kg per kilogram (discount code for online orders ERGOSCNY5 )

Buy two boxes (10kg) with a discount of NTD 10/kg per kilogram (discount code for online orders ERGOSCNY10 )

Buy three boxes (15kg) with a discount of NTD 15/kg per kilogram (discount code for online orders ERGOSCNY15 )

Buy four boxes (20kg) with a discount of NTD 20/kg per kilogram (discount code for online orders ERGOSCNY20 )

1. Different items can be mixed and matched
2. Need to log in to the same order, one shipment (not batch shipments)
3. The minimum packaging for each item is 5kg vacuum bag
4. The actual shipping date is subject to colleagues and shipping operations
5. Due to the large amount of orders during the special promotion period, please contact our colleagues after remittance, so as to give priority to shipping for you!
6. ERGOS working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 ~ 18:00

🍾【30/69KG Burlap Bag】🍾

Those who place an order for the whole bag can enjoy a special discount of NTD 5/kg!
For bulk orders, there are other discounts!

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〖Order Method〗

- ERGOS Official Website: https://www.ergoscoffee.com/
- ERGOS Line@ Account - Search ID: @ven1047u

〖Remittance Contact〗
- 02-8665-5225 / 0909-615-000
- sales@ergoscoffee.com

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〖NOTE〗Announcement on Viskaya Spring Festival Service Adjustment

In response to the arrival of the Lunar New Year, various logistics companies have notified that the cargo volume has begun to increase significantly. In order to ensure that the coffee beans you order can be delivered smoothly while ensuring the quality, we have adjusted the following service content. We ask for your understanding and cooperation. :

1. During the period from 2/5 to 2/14, due to the large delivery volume, the logistics company cannot guarantee the next day delivery.

2. All colleagues will be closed during the Lunar New Year holiday from 2/15 to 2/20. Due to the deadline for freight delivery, the last day to accept an order is 2/12, and the last designated day to arrive is 2/14. Since 2/21 (the sixth day of the lunar new year), normal work and shipment will resume.

3. Please try your best to complete the order before 2/10, so as to avoid excessive delivery of packages during the peak period of the Spring Festival.

4. On 2/28, all ERGOS colleagues will be closed on the day of the 228 holiday, and normal shipments will resume on 3/1.

5. During the peak period, the daily statement time is 12:00 noon.

Looking forward to the new year, we can continue to provide you with the highest quality - Guatemala origin direct sales - service.
I wish you peace and prosperity, prosperity and prosperity

Sincerely, All ERGOS

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