【ERGOS New Year Thanksgiving Offer】

2020, January 01

Dear friends and relatives,

Thank you for your love and support for ERGOS in 2019 ,

On the first day of 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣,

Wish you all a HAPPPY NEW YEAR🎉

Happy new year, everything goes well.

Here ERGOS is coming to give you a big discount to give back to everyone ‼ ️

Activity content: The total order quantity is more than 2️⃣0️⃣kg , and the discounted items can be discounted by 2️⃣0️⃣ yuan per kilogram! !

Activity time: as of 2020/1/20

☕️ 【Promotion List】 ☕️

🥇Ainhert Items🥇

    • SKU#72 - Washed - Maragogype (Elephant Bean)
    • SKU #349 - Sun Tan - Bourbon
🌼Washed Geisha🌼
    • SKU#649 -  Pina Manor - Washed - Gesha
🇬🇹 ERGOS best seller for many years🇬🇹
    • SKU #335 - Valmar Estate - Washed - Caturra
    • SKU#359 - Santa Isabel Estate - Washed - Caturra , Catuai
📈 Experimental batch processing 📈
    • SKU#655 - Experimental Solar Treatment Batch
    • SKU#656 - Experimental Double Anaerobic Solar Batch
    • SKU#657 - Experimental Double Anaerobic Honey Processing Batch
    • SKU#658 - Experimental Honey Processing Batch
    • SKU#660 - Experimental Double Anaerobic Honey Processing Batch
💯recipe /item recommendation💯
    • SKU #517 - Fatima Coffee - Washed - Bourbon , Caturra , Catuai
    • SKU #331 - Coffee Margarita - Washed - Bourbon , Caturra
    • SKU#662 - Banging Drum Estate - Washed - Bourbon , Caturra , Pache
❤️ ERGOS Sun Tanning Special Recommended Items❤️
    • SKU#647 - Lidoux Estate - Natural - Pache San Ramon

        The discount is only applicable to the above items🔝🔝🔝

        (This discount is only applicable to 5kg split shipments, and those who place orders in whole bags are not applicable to this event.)

        Hurry up and make a group order, so that everyone can have enough coffee to drink during the New Year!


        1. In response to the Spring Festival holiday, the last statement date before the year is 1/10 , and the last delivery date is 1/17 . If you place an order after 1/10 , we will arrange for you to start work on 1/30 after the year Arrange shipping for you.
        2. The minimum packaging for each item is a 5kg vacuum bag.
        3. If the ordered items are not in the discount list, this discount will not apply.
        4. The actual shipping date is subject to colleagues and shipping operations.
        5. Due to the large amount of orders during the special offer period, please contact our colleagues after remittance, so that we can ship the goods for you as soon as possible!
        6. ERGOS working hours: Monday to Friday, 9:00 ~ 18:00

        Line@ ID : @ergoscoffee


        Looking forward to the new year as we continue to serve you the highest quality Guatemalan green coffee

        Sincerely, All ERGOS

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