【Production Area Introduction|Fraijanes Plateau】

2020, March 30

Fraijanes Plateau

【Production Area Introduction|Guatemala】

Come, come, come to the third production area "Fraijanes" today!

With a geographical environment similar to Antigua,

However, due to the richer rainfall, more abundant sunshine, and greater temperature differences, the flavor of the coffee beans produced in the Fahannes production area is more lively!

Don't just drink Antigua or Vivienne after entering the coffee shop,

Come and try Farhanis!

【Guatemala|Fraijanes Plateau】

The altitude of the volcanoes around the Farahanis area is quite high, so that the Farahanis Plain is still an active volcano area, and the soil is rich in pumice, so the production area has a similar geographical environment to Antigua.

However, the difference is that Farahanis is affected by active volcanic activity and the Atlantic climate at the same time. There are completely different weathers in the morning, noon and evening. The abundant rainfall, sufficient sunshine, and fertile soil endow the coffee beans in the Farahanis Plain with a comparative The more distinctive features of Antigua, the coffee is extremely sweet, with stone fruit aroma and round pure thickness

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#Rio Dorado Farm Lido Manor

#La Cabana Farm Cabana Farm

#Rabanales Farm Havana Estate

#Samya Farm Samya Manor

🌟Special introduction to the manor - Rio Dorado Farm Lido Manor 🌟

Lido Manor can be said to be the guest of COE in Guatemala!

Professional management has allowed it to achieve outstanding results year after year.

The dry field in the manor is in front of two mountains,

Blown by the strong Atlantic wind,

Let the beans shorten the drying time,

And because the temperature is not high (annual average temperature 12~26℃),

Therefore, the fermented flavor of the sun-dried beans in Lido Manor is relatively weak.

The processed sun-dried beans are clean and delicate!

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🔗Altitude: 1400~1800 meters

🔗Annual rainfall: 1500~3000 mm

🔗Average temperature: 12~26℃

🔗Relative humidity: 70~90%

🔗Harvest season: December to February

🔗 Soil: Volcanic pumice

🔗Main drying method process: sunshine

🔗Shade type: Inga

🔗Main terrain: highland plains and hillsides

🔗Coffee tonality: bright and stable acidity, full flavor and unique body


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