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2017, August 23

ERGOS獨家低溫冷藏貨櫃 Refrigerator Container

Containers of refrigerated coffee from Guatemala to Taiwan, why are we doing this?

In the process of exploration, ERGOS found that in order to find and provide customers with the highest quality coffee, sometimes it must be achieved through novel and unconventional methods. In the world of coffee, everyone is well aware that the environment in which coffee is stored, such as temperature and humidity, is directly related to the quality of green coffee beans. The harvesting season of Guatemala specialty coffee starts from December every year and ends in April of the next year. Because the green coffee beans need a period of time to stand after processing, plus the follow-up operations and quality management of the processing plant procedure, the actual date of export from Guatemala will fall from May to August; however, this period coincides with the hot summer in the northern hemisphere, which means that the coffee delivery process takes an average of more than 30 days— From the processing plant to the port of origin, the shipping schedule at sea, the customs clearance operation after arriving at the destination port, and the final logistics operation, green coffee beans are in a very unsatisfactory storage condition.

Processing plant ⇢ transport to the port of origin ⇢ waiting to be loaded into the container ⇢ transshipment ⇢ unloading at the destination port ⇢ customs clearance ⇢ warehouse receipt

Containers refrigerated at low temperatures are usually not used for trade exports from Guatemala, so such containers cannot be arranged at any time and easily. However, in order to meet the usage needs, we must coordinate with the shipping company a long time in advance and require They arranged from Chile to provide a 40ft empty container for us to use.

According to the storage specification of green coffee beans, the storage of coffee should not exceed the temperature of 25°C and the humidity of 60%. Under these conditions, the green coffee beans can obtain the best shelf life. Since the low-temperature refrigerated containers have just arrived in Taiwan, we have not yet concluded the benefits of using low-temperature refrigerated containers to transport coffee from the origin, and the long-term and short-term impact on the appearance and flavor of green coffee beans. We appreciate and cherish any comments from our customers, because we know that customer satisfaction is the best feedback.

Container temperature change record table

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